So Trainwreck is over and done. The last song has been played, the feedback has faded and everyone scattered in all directions again. After 10 years we layed the beast to rest this past weekend. It´s been a worthy end for Trainwreck, closing this chapter where it started a decade prior: One last communion at the beloved AZ with three bands we´ve played numerous shows together. Besides Svffer, Sleep Kit and Jungbluth all the people that came around from near and far to say goodbye (big ups to Vlad on this occasion for coming all the way from Romania!) made this a great experience. It´s been incredible seeing lot´s of those who accompanied our little band throughout the years whether it being through befriending us, setting up shows, sharing stages, putting out records or just coming to our shows for years – thanks dearly! Needless to say a few of those faces were missed, but i´m sure we´ll meet again sometime soon. Let´s see if we can put together a comprehensive thanks-list within the next few weeks. In the meantime, the fine folks at filmed the whole show:

Thanks for the show and keep in mind:
„Well now everything dies baby that’s a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back.“

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Final Show – 17.10.2015 – AZ Aachen

“Old departures, new beginnings” – the title of our last record and many of the topics in the lyrics were very programmatic: it wasn´t just general themes of change running through the songs, but a lot of the songs were written specifically dealing with changes concerning Trainwreck.
Nothing in life is constant, except for change – this holds as much truth for our little band as it does for everything else. Since we started Trainwreck in 2005 a lot of things have changed, some for better, some for worse. During the last years all these things in their entirety made keeping Trainwreck going incredibly hard for us and now we´ve reached a point where we simply can´t continue the band the way we´d like to.
So now, 10 years after its inception in some stuffy rehearsal room in Aachen, we´ve decided to put Trainwreck to rest.
However we don´t want to leave quietly, but finish with a bang: Closing
the circle we´ll play a final show on October 17th at our homebase the
AZ Aachen.
We´re also extremely fortunate and happy to have some of our friends´ bands sharing the stage with us for one last time, as we´ll have our homies Sleep Kit and road dawgs Svffer and Jungbluth throwing the party together with us. Needless to say we´d love to see as many of you as possible joining in the festivities! ♥!

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This weekend: Darmstadt and Esslingen

gonna play a few jams this weekend: we´ll be at good old oettinger villa in darmstadt on friday and at the this charming man-festival in esslingen on saturday. come around and say hello, those are probably the last shows for this year if no crazy opportunities arise. also, we´ll play early on saturday, so make sure to be on time, if you wanna catch us.



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Heaven In Her Arms on tour right now

Our friends from Japan, Heaven In Her Arms, are on tour throughout Europe right now. We had the pleasure to share the stage with them at New Noise Festival last weekend and will join up with them in Chemnitz later this week as well as travelling to Fluff Fest with them! They are great guys and passionate about their music, basically spending their whole annual vacation for their tour – dedication! Go and see them live, if you have the chance to catch them on tour!

Here are their tour dates:

21.7. Hamburg – Headcrash

22.7. Berlin – Cassiopeia

23.7. Leipzig – Institut für Zukunft

24.7. Chemnitz – AC17

25.7. Rokycany – Fluff Fest

26.7. Linz – Kapu

27.7. Stuttgart – Club Zwölfzehn


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Lyrics section updated

you can find all of our lyrics in the lyrics section now! enjoy and sing along 🙂

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Fluff Fest!

Great news friends!

We´ll play this year´s Fluff Fest! Psyched, it´s gonna be fun! The Fest is going to be from 25th till 27th of july.Check it out, they´re announcing a heap of great bands on their fb:

We´re also currently looking for a show before Kiel Explodes (21st of june).

So expect some more Tw shows to be confirmed soon (well at least one before Kiel).

Alright stay tuned for more news!

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Freitag: AZ Aachen // Samstag: AJZ Bielefeld

Nächstes Wochenende…

09.05.14 – Aachen, AZ [w/ Sleep Kit, Blue Screen of Death, Wolves Reign]

10.05.14 – Bielefeld, AJZ [w/ Blue Screen of Death, Masada, I Refuse]

Rumkommen! 🙂

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some live impressions

here are some impressions from our show at tiefgrund in berlin (courtesy of


christian kock from also pictured everyone after the show in münster, thanks!


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♪ ♫ summarized existence ♬ ♩

here we go with another new song: “summarized existence” – the pre-order for our album “old departures new beginnings” is up at This Charming Man & Rockstar Records – cheers 🙂

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♪ ♫ time erases everything ♬ ♩

Friends – here we go. Listen to ‘Time erases everything’ from our forthcoming album here:

“Old departures, new beginnings” – soon on Rockstar/This Charming Man/Moment of Collapse Records.

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