For booking, questions and whatsoever please contact us through:

twreck (at)

We don’t really check Myspace anymore!

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6 Responses to Contact

  1. I discovered you guys on a huge compilation by accident of the most pleasant kind.

    I was looking for the lyrics to Dead Next Door and I found this site. Pretty serendipitous. Sometimes songwriters will annoy me because of [what I see] as huge flaws in their message et al. Such wasn’t the case with the lyrics that I have read. They’re phenomenally intelligent and, most importantly; they coincide with my opinions. I should have known that Trainwreck was a Eu band…it’s pretty rare that a North American band lasts very long.

    Keep up the awesome work. I’ll elucidate my praise by relieving you of merchandise in the near-future.


  2. It was nothing official- one of those big collections of favorite bands people put on mediafire.
    The internet is a beautiful thing for hardcore. Turns out a prof that I’ve had a number of classes with is already in the know about you guys. He’s always a step ahead!

    Should I just shoot you an e-mail regarding what kind of merch you have floating around or did I miss a link to a storefront? Cheers and that must have been amazing for you guys to play with Envy. I wonder if they had a similar experience at some point.


    • trainwreck5 says:

      ah, i see! your prof listens to twreck??? funny thing.
      playing with envy was really an amazing experience, because for one, we got to see envy and they are rad on record and did manage to flawlessly transform the music from their records to the live setting. it definitely was one of the best shows i´ve seen in a long time, very moving to say the least.
      plus the envy-guys turned out to be super nice, so it was great getting to know them as well.
      yeah, just shoot us an email at for merch. our storefront appears to be down at the moment.
      – andi

  3. Andrew says:

    Greetings from NYC Trainwreck,

    I’ve been following you guys for a while and the first song I heard was “Dust From Our Fingertips”. I really love the song and whatever album/EP/LP it was on, but I’m having trouble finding it anywhere out there, either for purchase or for download. I recently upgraded my computer so I want to get it up on my itunes. I’ll be moving to Hamburg in February 2012 so hopefully I can catch you guys on tour! Safe travels!


    • trainwreck5 says:

      yo andrew,
      thanks for dropping a line! that song was the second one we ever wrote and it appeared on our self titled ep together with six other songs. check out this link:
      you should be able to download the record there!
      we just played hamburg but probably will swing by next year again.
      so see you there then!
      all the best,

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