Final Show – 17.10.2015 – AZ Aachen

“Old departures, new beginnings” – the title of our last record and many of the topics in the lyrics were very programmatic: it wasn´t just general themes of change running through the songs, but a lot of the songs were written specifically dealing with changes concerning Trainwreck.
Nothing in life is constant, except for change – this holds as much truth for our little band as it does for everything else. Since we started Trainwreck in 2005 a lot of things have changed, some for better, some for worse. During the last years all these things in their entirety made keeping Trainwreck going incredibly hard for us and now we´ve reached a point where we simply can´t continue the band the way we´d like to.
So now, 10 years after its inception in some stuffy rehearsal room in Aachen, we´ve decided to put Trainwreck to rest.
However we don´t want to leave quietly, but finish with a bang: Closing
the circle we´ll play a final show on October 17th at our homebase the
AZ Aachen.
We´re also extremely fortunate and happy to have some of our friends´ bands sharing the stage with us for one last time, as we´ll have our homies Sleep Kit and road dawgs Svffer and Jungbluth throwing the party together with us. Needless to say we´d love to see as many of you as possible joining in the festivities! ♥!

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