5 years ago…

“for the hearts we lost, we all lost so much, for fading memories and yellowed portraits stumbling around for goodbyes and never care to stop dissolving, for the days that go to waste, the days that hang themselves in darkness where boneless fingers cripple and smashed tongues split, for nights that find no end, the nights of blackened sighs and little deaths that cut to the bone of folding legs and just lie down and mate with our fears, with everything weighing down, we all just seem to fall apart sometimes when the orange wet of streets and the faint glimmer of unbroken horizons conspire with our longing, from the lump in your throat to the throbbing in your heart this is medicine dripping comforting bliss, tapping the vein of consolation, pumping electrified motivation, battery acid inspiration.”

Much love to Ghostlimb, Perth Express (R.I.P.), Zann (R.I.P.), Jack/AtomicGarden, Christoph/’79Sound, and Robert/Adagio830!


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