off topic once again: water & sanitation = human right!


if you’re allowed to vote in an EU member state you might want to consider signing this European Citizens’ Initiative:

Here’s the deal:

– All citizens in the EU should have guaranteed water and sanitation services. At this moment there are still around 2 million people in Europe that do not have proper water or sanitation. There are also many people with low incomes that are threatened with disconnection as they cannot afford to pay their bills.

– The European Commission should stop its constant push for liberalisation of water and sanitation services. Promoting the market to provide these services means that those who can afford more might get better services and those who can afford less will get worse services. “No money, no water” is what a market for water services means. But water and sanitation are a human right. It is a government obligation and responsibility to provide these services to all people.

– Worldwide 800 million people still lack access to water and over 2 billion people do not have access to sanitation. Europe can do more and should do more to make sure that also in other parts of the world people can enjoy the human right to water and sanitation.

Spread the word!

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