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we´ve written about this before, but here´s one more post about the EU´s fishing policy, as the final vote for a historic deal ending overfishing is in just 24 hours. So now´s the time to create a tidal wave of public support to key MEPs making sure they vote for the right thing.

Check it out and send a message here:

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The world’s oceans will soon run out of fish, unless we rein in ruthless fishing fleets! Luckily in 24 hours, the EU Parliament could vote for a bold new plan to save our seas.

Many MEPs support the historic deal that would end overfishing. But a group of countries in bed with powerful fishing interests — led by France and Spain — are bullying ‘undecided’ MEPs to vote no or abstain. If we build a huge wave of public support now, we can convince parliamentarians to ensure science, not greed, determines the fate of our fish.

The vote is in 24 hours — if we win, it’ll set in motion one of the strongest global crackdowns on overfishing! Send an urgent message to the 23 MEPs who can make the difference:

Overfishing has already wiped out 90% of the world’s large predatory fish like tuna, sharks and cod. Europe’s fishing policy has been a colossal failure and has contributed to the collapse — 88% of Europe’s seas are overexploited, so monster boats must venture ever further to plunder the seas from Africa to the Pacific.

The stakes are high. Changing EU’s policy from one based on ministers haggling for national quotas to one based on science and long-term sustainability could start rebuilding healthy oceans everywhere. Yet not only are MEPs from France and Spain scheming to gut this deal, the vote could be buried in a sea of other proposals and some MEPs might abstain simply because they’re unaware of the issue. But experts say our voices count! A tidal wave of public support to key MEPs is exactly what we need to save our fish.

The European Fisheries Committee has already agreed to a progressive plan — all we need to do is get behind it and give it a massive push. Send an urgent message to key European MEPs now — we have 48 hours!

We’ve already fought and won for our oceans. Avaaz members were pivotal in British and Australian government decisions to create the world’s two largest marine protected areas. But we’ve still got a long way to go in our struggle and right now, our fight is here in Europe, one of the world’s biggest catchers and the largest consumer of fish. Let’s make sure we win this!

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