Go see Three Mile Pilot on tour

I feel the need to drum up business: Went to see the legendary Three Mile Pilot yesterday, but the scene I encountered at the Grammatikoff in Duisburg was hard to believe: Only 30 people showed up to see the band that spawned Black Heart Procession and Pinback. To make matters worse, I had the impression that a lot of those 30 people were there by chance, not even knowing the band on stage.This might be due to the fact, that the 3MP tour seems to be ill-advertised: Haven´t seen the dates anywhere, just found out about the show in Duisburg by chance.
Anyways if you have the chance to catch the band on one of their remaining dates, do so, they played a good set, including six songs of “Another Desert, Another Sea” and even songs from “The Chief Assassin To The Sinister”.                                          

These are the remaining tour dates:

December 2, 2012 Paris, FRANCE Le Petit Bain
December 3, 2012 Stuttgart, GERMANY Schocken
December 4, 2012 Munich, GERMANY Feierwerk
December 5, 2012 Zurich, SWITZERLAND Viadukt Bogen F
December 6, 2012 Hertogenbosch, NL W2
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