our apologies

again, sorry for canceling those three shows in Köln, Bielefeld and Leipzig. I hate having to cancel shows but that virus-infection struck hard. Our apologies again to the organizers especially Olga and Hendrick who set up the shows in Köln and Bielefeld short hand for us, so it sucks even more not playing… major bummer!

major bummer – that also hits the nail on the head considering the news that our buddies from Alpinist are taking a break. good thing the break really seems to be just a break and those dudes will still be around.

and what do you know? we hooked up two shows that they were supposed to play it´s quite a while until then but the line up looks really promising:

plus, if i´m not mistaken the Malzhaus seems to be a castle. so first show in a castle! yikes!

we´ll be also playing Hannover the day before with Planks and Lentic Waters at UJZ Korn.

furthermore we´ve got shows in Mühlheim and Karlsruhe confirmed on the 24th and 23rd of November. no shows so far before that, but working on some new shit!

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