this weekend: Hanau + Munich!

we´ll be playing the None of the Above Festival (formerly Disaster Disaster Fest) in Munich on Saturday. We also got added to a show with Titan and Wolf Down at the AKZ Metzgerstraße in Hanau. So that makes a short weekender full of noise, sweat and ultimately fun!

Speaking of sweat: CMAR was a lot of fun! I kinda forgot though how hot it tends to get on that stage at the Wöstenkrug, i probably should rethink my no-short-shorts rule… well, maybe i shouldn´t…
Anyways, we´ll be playing another festival at the beginning of August: the Mühlen Madness in Aachen, check the dates section.

And speaking of Aachen: As posted before, the AZ Aachen is again threatened in its existence, the city wants to sell the old bunker, which would not only be a hard blow to Aachen´s alternative community, loosing another venue with a long running tradition like the AZ would also be a loss for the whole german punk/hc scene. And i´m not even talking about all the personal memories tied to the AZ, all the good times i had there, all the great shows i´ve seen there (for instance Hot Water Music on their first european tour in front of maybe 30 people, or Braid playing their hearts out in front of just a handful people, or Randy and Abhinanda playing in a room bursting with kids dancing and singing along…). damn, we can´t afford to lose the AZ! So please, help! Check out the petition in the previous post and sign it!

So much for now, hope to see some of you guys out there this weekend in Hanau or Munich, or sometime later in the AZ Aachen!

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