long time no read

haven´t been active here for quite some time, mainly because the band has been laying low since the last shows in Frankfurt and Nürnberg (which have been fun by the way), but we´ll be back on the map in a few weeks: we´ll be playing at this years Cry me a river-Fest as well as the Disaster Disaster-Fest in Munich. We haven´t played both Fests in quite some time, so we are excited to get the chance to catch up on some missed fun, cause both festivals are guaranteed to be just that: fun!
anyways, family ulbrich holds this years CMAR on the 29th and 30th of June. We will play on saturday. Do i need to mention that a shitload of great bands will be playing also? I don´t think so, but here goes anyway: Graf Orlock, Raein, La Quiete, Alpinist, Battle of Wolf 359, June Paik etc. etc.
Disaster Disaster Fest (which might not even run under that moniker anymore, but what the heck) will take place on the 14th of July at Kafe Kult. Other bands on the bill will be Les Trucs, Nihil Baxter, Dismembers, Dulac and Sputnik Booster.
so far no other shows are planned right now, but i´m pretty sure that will change sooner or later. means also that there will be no tour in august like we planned to do, which sucks, buuuut instead we will hole up in our rehearsal room and write new songs!

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