represses galore

pre-tour time is repress time:
we got a bunch of our wax repressed, some of it will be short-lived. as i wrote some weeks ago our “if there´s light it will find you” ep sees its first repress of 500 copies. then the split with comadre sees a final pressing of 140 copies.
both records already arrived at the traxxx headquarters.
new to the repress conglomerate is a limited repress of our 2009 “of concrete canyons and inner wastelands”. robert from adagio did 200 more copies of those jams. we will do a new cover for these rockers, timo who also screenprinted the “if there´s light” ep will hook us up again with a quality work, it´s promising to look fine and will be handnumbered. the wax is already sitting at bis aufs messer in berlin, we´re currently putting finishing touches on the cover and hope to have everything ready in about two weeks from now.
anyways peep the revised and updated cover artwork micha did:

ps.: spinning the last bon iver record right now and it definetly ranks among my fave 2011 records! so good!

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