internet blacklist bill

so you´ve probably heard about sopa and pipa: after suing people for downloading music and movies from the nets didn´t work out quiete the way they planned to, companies now give it another try and keep pushing the us government to issue laws that will basically work as internet censorship.
the list of companies lobbying for this to happen is pretty long, so internet freedoms are on the chopping block.
now, us europeans might say wtf, us-laws won´t affect us. but, if sopa and pipa will be passed, the us will set precedents for internet law around the globe. actually this is already in process, as us state department is pressuring countries like spain to pass laws against internet piracy (german speaking folks can read about that here).
there´s a bunch of petitions to sign against sopa and pipa if we like to keep the webs censor-free, for example here.

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