in other news:

our start in 2012 was great. watching jackass and a neverending series of great goals at micha´s place as well as listening to and watching countless other joints micha presented to us, having burritos for breakfast and oh yeah:
played new noise winterfest and hirse violence fest and had lots of fun thanks to everyone who came out, lucas and ingo and their friends for having us, alpinist for putting up with our stupid jokes and letting us use their equipment, high fives also to all the other bands playing: patsy o hara, sailing on, tidal sleep, snakes and lions, wolf down and currahee. plus – of corpse – hugs to longtime friends who showed up at those shows!
our next shows will be in march, here are the rough dates:

15.03. UK, Brighton @ Green Door Store
16.03. UK, Manchester @ tba (w/ Hammers)
17.03. UK, London @ the Black Heart (Camden) (w/ Hammers)

23.03. D, Aachen @ AZ
24.03. F, Paris @ tba
27.03. AU, Graz @ Sub
28.03. Slovenia, Ljubljana @
29.03 Croatia, Zagreb TBC
30.03. AU, Vienna @ tba

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