“If there´s light…” and Comadre split represses

oh yeah, i totally forgot about this in my previous post:
both our records, the “if there´s light it will find you” ep and the split with Comadre will get repressed soon.

the ep will see a reasonable amount of copies.
the repress of our shared wax with our lovely buddies from radwood city though will be shortlived, i guess. lars found some more covers and will put them to good use. as i´m told it will be just 140 copies which will be divided between the bands and react with protest.
once those 140 copies are gone, they are gone for good: there will be no more subsequent represses of the split – ever.
here´s some shameless advertisement for the split: it´s a solid piece of vinyl, with a sweet cover that folds out, it´s got four songs from us, from which we still regularly play three, and it´s got five jams from the bloodtown crew which i consider some of the best tunes they have done so far, man just listening to “teeth versus teeth” gives me the goosebumps…
by the way… if you haven’t noticed yet, you can download some of our older stuff in good quality here: http://trainwreck5.bandcamp.com/

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