this time next year…

… we´ll probably wonder why it´s already this time of the year again… time never slows down or stops or says “hi how are you”. alright, alright i´m digressing, so this will be the usual course of things at the end of a year, but, to make my point, concerning Trainwreck we´ll hopefully look back at an eventful year. for one, we´ll hope to make up for canceling the show in tübingen. apologies again to anke and her crew, we were really looking forward to play the epplehaus again, but illness thwarted our plans. bummer, since i´m sure the show was a rager…

anyways so we´ll hopefully make it to tübingen next year, but we got some more plans for 2012. some are already taking shape: we´ll go on tour in march, doing two runs, the first of which will have us go to the uk again. this will be the first time we´re coming back to the uk since 2006! last time we went there we crashed our van into a jaguar, let´s hope we´ll drive safely this time around.
so the first run will be rather short, an extended weekend probably, but a week after that we´ll hit the roads on the mainland hoping to hit up some cities and countries we haven´t been to in a long time. marc is busy working out the routing, we´ll post the dates as soon as they´re fixed!

in the meantime we´re getting ready to chill the fuck out during the holidays and preparing for two shows at the beginning of next year: we´ll play karlsruhe and wiesbaden, both shows will be with alpinist and other rad bands such as sailing on or patsy o hara are playing as well.
check it out:

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