Go and see Gods & Queens

Our buddies from Gods & Queens are on tour in Europe right now and you should make sure to catch them on their tour if you like your music heartfelt and honest.
Seriously Jamie and Ben and whatever guy they have recruited for the drummer-seat at the moment rule, so check them out.
I´ll leave you with the wise words of our label-boss Robert: “Gods & Queens are on tour in europe right now for the 4th time and you better go and see them and listen to what mr Jamie Getz has to say (cause there is a lot coming out of his mouth).” Word.

Here are their tour dates:
11/17/11 Ljubljana, Slovenia
11/18/11 Medika – Zagreb, Croatia
11/19/11 Kino Bosna – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovnia
11/21/11 Split, Croatia
11/22/11 Budapest, Hungary
11/23/11 Venster 99 – Vienna, Austria
11/24/11 SUB – Graz, Austria
11/25/11 AZ Conni – Dresden, Germany
11/26/11 Saechsischer Bahnhof – Gera, Germany (early show)
11/27/11 Schokoladen – Berlin, Germany (early show)
11/28/11 Exhaus – Trier, Germany
11/29/11 Waldmeister – Solingen, Germany
11/30/11 AZ – Aachen, Germany
12/1/11 De Onderbroek – Nijmegen, Netherlands
12/2/11 Secret Spot – Oostende, Belgium
12/3/11 Vera – Groningen, Netherlands (early show)

ps.: you should also check out their blog, or facebook or whatever site that lets Jamie have his say…

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