hits and misses

this is what went down last weekend:

misses: renting an overpriced van, forgetting: a camera, a cymbalstand, a drummer seat, a tote bag, two towels and probably some more stuff, smashing a stage light in Bielefeld, unfortunately causing a bleeding nose in Dresden (sorry again!), having our guitar-amp fall down while playing at the Flora and having that cut our set short

hits: three great shows, great bands to play with and great food to feast on (plus taking two seitan chipotle burritos back home with me), getting to hang out with old friends and making new ones, having kicker matches and laughing fits + + +

hits and misses – the equation reads like this: we had another great weekend!
thanks go out to our buddies from Planks for sharing the stage twice with us, to Rise and Fall for inviting us to Hamburg, as well as Deathrite, Oathbreaker, Ritual, Hessian, Hysterese and High Society. big ups to the kids in Bielefeld, Dresden and Hamburg for setting up ace shows and everyone who came out.
our next shows will take place in December, peep it:

on a different note: plans were made for next year, involving tours and recording (off corpse, what else?)
keep you posted,

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