Genki desu ka? Genki desu!

this weekend:

and that

this being the epicness that is Envy. We´re playing with them this Friday in Esch-Alzette, Luxemburg, and are super thrilled to say the least. I mean, Envy is probably the band everyone in Trainwreck can agree on. And it´s a good opportunity to refresh our more than rudimentary Japanese…
Thinking about Envy now, it´s been quite a while since i´ve seen those guys live the last time. I think it was 2001 – wait, what, 2001? It´s been that long ago? What was i thinking? Why haven´t i been to one of their shows during the last ten years?? Incomprehensible…
Anyways so it´s been super long ago, it was 2001, “All the footprints” just was out and i saw them in Nancy, where Envy played together with Lack, Iscariote (and some shitty band i was in at that time…). I´ll never forget how the Frenchies went apeshit during Envy´s show screaming along every word. Screaming along? Funny thing, because i very much doubt that the kids at the show were speaking Japanese at all…
So me – I´m very excited getting to play with Envy and finally seeing them play after ten long years. Plus, I think Esch-Alzette is not that far away from Nancy. Maybe some dudes from back then will show up…

and that is a reference to Metallica´s “Jump in the fire” (it´s the legend in the Metal archives, the Jump in the Fire creature toy! motherfucker is selling for 100 $ the piece…wtf?) and the festival of the same name that´s taking place in Leisnig on Saturday.
Check it out, should be fun:

aight, see you

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