Tour Wrap Up.

Alright, tour is over, we´re back home again, caught in post-tour-depression. Thanks to everyone involved we had a great time again. Extra special thanks to Micha who stepped in for Timo and made this tour possible at all.
Here is a little wrap up of the past dramatic events and since i love Jamie from Gods and Queens and his way of summarizing tour happenings it´s going to be in true Jamie-style, albeit most probably not as funny. Ready? Here we go:

Tour starts already on Thursday for me: Heading to Münster with Marc´s bus to pick up our vehicle for the next ten days: the bus from Else-Tours. Due to a shut down highway-intersection and traffic-jam galore the two hour ride turns out to be a four hour one – fun! Then back to Aachen again with Else´s bus which is a lot faster than Marc´s and can also carry much more weight.
Meet up the next day with Micha, Martin and Marc. It´s the first time Martin will hit the road with us again since he left the band two years ago – crazy to think about it! Load in our gear, pick up more records and silkscreen-tour-posters from Rockstar-Records, head over to Felix place, load in merch and wait for Felix, then off to Göttingen.

Highway intersection is still closed, so we decide to drive through Cologne which wasn´t really a good idea, but we make it to the autobahn again and get stuck in traffic again! Arrive in Göttingen six hours later, eat good food and meet Sakiko, the sister of our lovely japanese buddy Matsu, who came over from Japan for vacation and will be at the next four shows. Just like her brother she is super nice and even brought us some presents. Here´s a picture of her with us:

We play our first show with Micha who was pretty nervous before playing but does good anyway, show was fun as well. Afterwards we watch Glasses dismantle the Juzi, hang around a little bit more then go get our dance on at an 80ies party and go to sleep early in the morning.
Awake to summer in autumn the next day, chill the fuck out around the Juzi and then go to Erfurt.

The Juzi in bright summer in autumn sun
The show in Erfurt is taking place at a Bauwagenplatz right in the middle of nowhere. Remember Star Wars episode 5? When Luke had to crawl into the entrails of a Tauntaun in order to not freeze to death? Back at the Bauwagenplatz we wished for a Tauntaun to slice open, it was that cold. Show was fun nevertheless, Glasses played again and this night we were also joined by Overpower.
Here´s our brother/sister band on stage:

Back to Göttingen after the show and lights out at Benni´s and Claude´s place!
The drive to Hannover the next day is short, so we take our time, Felix even manages to buy a new cymbal, since one broke at the show in Erfurt.

Still we arrive way to early. Timo shows up, Benni and Felix don´t since Benni´s Volvo broke down. The two arrive some hours later in a crazy big ass american van. We decided it would be super awesome to play with three guitars tonight, for some reason though reality didn´t live up to our imaginations of some mighty giant wall of sound… Tonight was also the last show with Glasses who move into hibernation until next year. November 13th played as well, as did two local bands whose doom stretched the night into forever. For sleeping places Ralph, a guy in his best years, lets us take over his whole flat. Quick breakfast at the Muffin Man with Nico from Cave Canem, who were supposed to play in Hannover too but sadly didn´t and instead have decided to call it quits. They will play one more show as Cave Canem and then carry on with a different name. Off to Berlin. We meet friends and loved ones, Jeff from Man The Change shows up for one of two successive shows. He is a rad dude and a big guy as well. I jump at him during our set and feel like a little fly he shakes off easily. Oh yeah, did a radio interview before the show, feel like i talked just bullshit. Other bands playing tonight on the incredibly high and small stage at the Lovelite are Aslov Kinski and Coup d´Etat as well as our Adagio 830 labelmates MNMNTS. Our french buddy Gaultier shows up while we play, it´s always good to see him. During our show the sound level gets measured: 110 decibel! 20 decibels more and we´ll dethrone the loudest band of the world. Watch out Manowar! After the show everyone splits to different sleeping places. Micha is crazy and decides he doesn´t need sleep and rather spends the morning hours at Alexanderplatz. Leave Berlin for Hamburg in the afternoon, try out the TV in our bus for the first time and it turns out to be super loud for the driver´s ears. We arrive way late at the Rote Flora but it doesn´t matter anyway, since the show won´t start before 22 o clock.
Here´s us on a weird picture, looking weird while waiting:

Just when i want to head over to Jim Burritos to get my fix food gets served at the Flora and guess what? Burritos are on the menu! Best show food ever! We play an instrumental set tonight but it´s fun nontheless. Downer: the peepz that let their testosterone flow. What else? Barbara who did the cover artwork for our new record is at the show, we drown her in free merch. Jeff stays with us tonight, but is already gone before we wake up, as is our host Johannes who is off to work. We opt for maximum sleep and let breakfast at the Flora slide. No worries cause a sweet seitan chipotle burrito later easily fills that hole in my stomach. Wander around the Schanzenviertel some more, Martin, Micha and me check out the St. Pauli stadium, then hit the road for Kiel. The drive is short we arrive in time at the Schaubude, MNMNTS arrive some time later and then lose everything they have to us in kicker. Good band but no good at kicker! Show turns out to be one of the best of the tour. It´s the last show of tour with MNMNTS, so a crewshot is obligatory. Peep it:

Go to sleep soon after the show ends, since it´s going to be a long ass drive to Munich the next day. Leave at 10 am, arrive at 9 pm, fuck traffic jam and bad weather! Good thing about arriving late at a show though is having food already waiting for you. Can´t hear much of the vocals again during playing but what the hell, there are quite some people at the show and they´re having fun.

Hang around a bit after the show with Anne and Markus who used to have us at Kafe Kult lots of times. Four of us are staying at Tina´s place and are rather shocked when she and Grobi tell us that breakfast is supposed to be at 9 the next morning. Luckily we can talk ourselves around that and sleep in while our hosts leave for breakfast at the scheduled time, means early breakfast for Marc and Micha who stayed with the guys from Even Worse at Grobi´s place. Sorry guys! The drive to Saarbrücken turns into one hell of a ride – traffic jam again. We try the TV one more time and manage to watch Hostel and Lemmy with the TV on our lapse.

The concert in Saarbrücken is at the local University which makes for a nice change of scenery. Burt start the show and things get energetic. Alcohol-fueled the audience goes wild during our set as well. A bit to wild as some guy steps unto Benni´s bass cable and thus breaking it, so Benni is done early tonight. After the show it´s time to say goodbye to Martin, who parts with us in Saarbrücken. A quick crew-shot and he takes off. See you soon, bro! We then head to organizer Thiel´s place. He is an awesome dude and has prepared tons of food for us so we feast on the soy awesomeness.

Food-coma and lights out. Last show of the tour is going to be in Jena. Kiel – Munich – Saarbrücken – Jena: quiete a dream route, eh? To our surprise we make it to the Haus in Jena without traffic jam. Seriously, i don´t think i ever experienced that much traffic jam as i did during these 10 days…

The open road – a rare view on this tour!
Rocko and Hannes show up, Peter from Black Freighter rules the kicker. Benni bets with me that he can run faster than me, a quick race outside the Haus and to my surprise he is indeed able to run, faster than me as well. Have to listen to him brag about it for the rest of the night. I´ll probably have to listen to it for the rest of my life…
Four bands tonight with Lara Korona taking the spot for Julith Krishun. They are solid dudes and were driving Else´s bus around the country before we did.
Here´s a crew-shot with them:

Also solid: The Blue Screen Of Death. They are playing before us at around 1 am, so what do you know? We start at around 2 am and the clocks ticking on and on. Still it´s a good finish for the tour. We sweat it out one more time and at around 4 am leave for Göttingen for some hours of sleep. Get up at noon, split with Benni and drive to Münster, drop off Else´s bus, load our gear into Marc´s bus and then go home.
And that was that: October tour with Micha.

Next shows are going to be with Envy in Luxemburg (4.11.) and at Jump In The Fire Fest in Leisnig (5.11.). See you there!

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