on the road again

friends, it´s just a few more days until we finally hit the road again!
and it looks like it´s going to be a hell of a lot of fun (off corpse):
first three shows in Göttingen, Erfurt and Hannover will be kinda Vitriol Records showcases, since our labelmates Glasses come along with us. next three shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Kiel will be Adagio 830 showcases: those shows will be with Mnmnts. Aside from Glasses and Mnmnts we will also meet up with Cave Canem, November 13th, Julith Krishun and the Blue Screen Of Death among others.
Check the shows-section for all the details and then come out and say hi!

on a different, but related note:

time, gentlemen, time

.. has become a central issue with us: Obligations like jobs or school often leave us with less time to spend with the band than we wish. This fact has been playing itself out in the last years with fewer tours and shows than we were able to do before. And it seems this won´t be changing anytime soon.
So what´s the bottom line of all this? It´s to plan things carefully ahead and if necessary have friends step up and help us out when one of us doesn´t find the time to go on tour or play shows.
To cut a long story short: Unfortunately Timo won´t be able to hit the road with us, thankfully our good friend Micha who plays in Man The Change has been willing to invest time and energy and learn the stuff that Timo plays.

So our thanks are due to Micha since he makes this tour possible for us! He will also help out at some of the upcoming shows in November and December. This doesn´t mean that Timo will quit the band, he just needs to concentrate on his doctoral thesis at the moment…

Also this tour marks a sweet reunion with Martin for us: He will accompany us as the obligatory road dawg and kicker-team-mate.

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One Response to on the road again

  1. trainwreck says:

    Unfortunately, Julith Krishun had to cancel..

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