Update update update

30.09.11 Göttingen @ Juzi [w/ Glasses]
01.10.11 Erfurt @ Wagenplatz [w/ Glasses]
02.10.11 Hannover @ Glocksee [w/ Glasses, Cave Canem, November 13th]
03.10.11 Berlin @Lovelite [w/ Mnmnts]
04.10.11 Hamburg @ Rote Flora [w/ Mnmnts]
05.10.11 Kiel @ Schaubude [w/ Mnmnts]
06.10.11 München @ Sunny Red [w/ Even Worse, With Open Arms]
07.10.11 Saarbrücken @ Philocafé [w/ Burt]
08.10.11 Jena @ Haus [w/ the Blue Screen of Death, Julith Krishun]

04.11.11 Luxemburg @ Kulturfabrik [w/ ENVY]
05.11.11 Leisnig @ AJZ [w/ Black Haven, Deathrite + more]

11.11.11 Bielefeld @ AJZ [w/ The High Society, Hysterese, Planks]
12.11.11 Dresden @ AZ Conni [w/ Deathrite, Planks]
13.11.11 Hamburg @ Rote Flora [w/ Rise And Fall, Ritual, Oathbreaker, Hessian]

09.12.11 NEED HELP!
10.12.11 Tübingen @ Epplehaus

06.01.12 NEED HELP
07.01.12 Wiesbaden @ Hirseviolence Fest

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