Ghostlimb/ Black Kites Tour

So you´ve seen Dangers? Pretty amazing, right?
Well this weekend our buddy Justin will hit the roads of Europe again. This time with the great Ghostlimb!
And if this wasn´t enough greatness already, they will be accompanied by Black Kites.
We had the pleasure of playing some shows with them in the US back in 2009 and let me tell you these guys absolutely destroy!
Tom Black Kites has been in a million bands you loved back in the day (cough You and I, The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, In First Person cough).
Also they are some of the nicest people ever, just as the Ghosti-dudes. So go and see them play your city!
Here are the dates:

Both Ghosti and Black Kites will play at AZ-Aachen on sunday, August 7th. Make sure to come out, hang out, say hello, play kicker!

For all things concerning Ghostlimb or Black Kites, look here:

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