Comadre Mixtape Vol. 5 is out now

Yo, the new Comadre Mixtape is out now!

It contains unreleased and new songs from Comadre, Ghostlimb, Broadway Calls, Daikon, Funeral Diner, Loma Prieta and us!
8 songs. Over 20 minutes of new music. The price is $3 (USD) minimum.

The reason that there´s a price on the new Mixtap is because it supports a good cause: 100% of the money collected from this release will be donated to the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

To be specific, the money collected will be donated to SENDAI BIRDLAND. The Birdland is a venue in Sendai, Japan that is helping the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami first-hand. Their help efforts are all volunteer run, by the kids who work and are involved with the venue/scene there. They are personally going out with supplies and giving them to the people in need and are also aiding to the cleanup of the disaster. They are taking donated money and putting back 100% of it towards people that need help. There is no middle-man, no one is keeping any money for themselves, and these kids/venue are backed by Endzweck, who we support and trust wholeheartedly.

When we went to Japan last year, the first show we played was at the Birdland, where we experienced the warmth and kindness of the people there first hand. The people there were amazing making us feel at home, when we were in fact very far from home. So of course we want to help them out, especially since Sendai was one of the cities that got hit really badly by the tsunami.

So everyone shell out a few bucks and help to relief the suffering of the japanese people!

Buy the Mixtape here:

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